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George Papadimatos

Stats: 5'10”

Weight: 180 lbs
Location: Mineola, NY
Willing to travel


Mommy's Box                 Supporting         Johnny Greenlaw

The Final Covenant

of Vito Marcantonio       Lead                    Art Bernal

Cookies Crumble            Lead                    Edward V. Lacina

Best Laid Plans                Lead                    Brian Oisin

Ruth The Cleaner            Lead                    Chelsea Zhu

Mouse                              Supporting          Adam Engel

Epic Feud                         Supporting          Ed Bonfanti

A Good Man                    Supporting          Strangio/Sawgrass Productions

Facing                               Supporting          Bumsu Kim

5th Street Spade             Supporting          Daniel Gohsler

Frostbite                           Supporting          Bridget Machete

Father's Love                   Supporting          Ugandhar Muni

Sever                                 Supporting          Petros Georgiadis


TV/ Web

The Deuce                   Recurring                HBO

Daredevil                     Co Star                    Netflix

Wholly Broken            Recurring                Direct TV

Hungry Games           Self                           The Food Network

Riding the D                Co-Star                    Pilot Sizzle (Dir: Sarah Seeds)

Dreamscape               Series Regular        Pilot Sizzle (Dir: Martha Williams)

Paradise Sports          Series Regular        Pilot Sizzle (Dir: Jeff Lutz)

Marcello                      Guest Star               Demedrius Charles

Talents Unlimited      Self                           QPTV






Stand Up Comic/Improv

Comic Book Expert

Extreme World Traveler

Impersonations/ Various Accents

Physical Comedy

Great Comedic Timimg

Singer/Can Carry a Tune










Body Fitness/ Weight Training

Sports Statistician/ Trivia

English Tutor

NYS Driver's License

US Passport

Classic Film Buff

Broadway Comedy Club                New York, NY

New York Comedy Club                 New York, NY

Greenwich Comedy Club               New York, NY

The Set                                              New York, NY

Stand Up Comedy


Broken Windows                    Donnie Boy (Lead)     Greenlit Showcase

Bromance-A-Roni                   Matt (Lead)                 ATA + Manhattan Theater Festival

Two Gentleman Of Verona   The Duke Of Milan    ZTL Productions Tour

The King's Last Stand             Steven King (Lead)    The Players Theater                          

My Date With a Zombie         Bob (Lead)                  Soluna Studios

X-Boyfriend                              Johnny (Lead)             Soluna Studios

The Mad Pixie                          Fred (Lead)                 Soluna Studios

That Dress                                John (Lead)                 Soluna Studios

Just a Kiss                                 Sam (Lead)                  Soluna Studios

Waiting For Lefty                    Dr. Benjamin               Roy Arias Stages

The Three Joys Of Mary         Bud                               Open Hydrant Theater

Commercial/ Print

Available upon request

Training & Workshops

Acting:      Chazz Palminteri, Louise Lasser, Kimball Studio, Susan Batson, HB Studios, Weist Barron, Glen Alterman


Improv:    UCB 101+ 201 (Patrick Clair, Molly Lloyd), Jerry Kallarakkal, Todd Blass, Mitch McGuire


Comedy Tech:    Maggie Reed, Clayton Fletcher


Audition Technique:    Julie Schubert, Phillip Huffman, Ross Meyerson, Julie Tucker, Kim Miscia, Allison Shomer, Sabrina Hyman, Melissa Moss, Judy Henderson, John Andrews, Kim Krakaur, Kimberly Graham, Mia Cusumano, Matthew Maisto, David Vaccari, Matt Glasner, Joey Montenarello, Erica Hart, Rob Decina, Clint Alexander, Katja Zarolinski, Donna McKenna, Brette Goldstein, Jandiz Estrada, Jennifer Ajemian, Robin Carus, Jason Buyer, Gary Donatelli, 


Commercial:    Barry Shapiro, Roger Delpozo, Angela Mickey, Fay Shumsey, Marina Kamen


Voiceover:    Diana Lote, Lisa Fischoff, Robin Miles, Judy Jenson



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